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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Land of Rajas, Sultans, Sadhus and Fakirs

One of two silver water pots in City Palace, Jaipur, India.

My little 5-year-old desktop keeps complaining about low disk space the rate at which I've been adding digital photos.

It has enough disk space, D insists.

But how much is enough, really?

I run the Disk Cleanup; I empty the Recycle Bin; I zip my files; I put them on portable media; I upload them to photo sharing sites; I use Firefox; Knowing D uses IE, I delete the Temporary Internet files...

Anyway, in an attempt to "clean-up" my junk from the desktop, I was sorting through my photos and came across some that I had almost forgotten about: photos from our trip to India last year.

Jaipur-Agra trip 2006

It has been a year since we took that vacation.

I am longing for another trip. There are so many corners of India we have not explored yet.

But, we want to go somewhere we've never been to before. I am not sure we can afford it; but, I am definitely getting the itch to travel again... to get away.

We are quite a few months away from taking a vacation - deadlines to meet at work and such. But, just thinking about the wide open world for us to explore makes me giddy, like a schoolgirl :)

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