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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Arwen and the chimp?

lord of the rings, movie, arwen, elf,tolkienStuffed up, congested, and feeling yucky a few weekends ago, after getting my wee one to nap, i decided to just vegetate on the couch watching The Two Towers, the second installment of the Lord of the Rings movie.

D walked by, looked at the scene playing then, and tried to engage in a profound conversation which went something like this:

D: So, if you were an Elf, like Arwen, wouldn't a human seem lower on the evolutionary cycle to you? I mean, humans don't really fall in love with chimps... To Arwen, Aragon must be like a chimp, yet she falls in love with him.

Me: Ewww... Go Away!

At another time, he caught the scene playing then and helpfully explained:
Oh, this is where Aragon, with all his tracking skills, figures that Merry did a somersault ... and Pippin cut the cheese and such... pretty clever.

Towards the end of the Return of the King, when I was enjoying the good-triumphs-over-evil and all-is-well-that-ends-well moment, D observed:
Ah... yes, this is where the hobbit boys have a pillow-fight, all happy to see each other and jump on the bed and play...

He hasn't managed to squash my fondness for the LOTR movies entirely. Not yet. I still love to put one of them on and watch even if for just an hour or so - no matter which scene i start off with, i enjoy just watching it. Over and Over.

Now, the paradox is: D loves the movies. He thinks they are well-made. He read the book way back and even wrote some Tengwar transliterator with fonts and such for download... and yet, there he is, quipping away :-)

As many fellow fantasy lovers, I read the book before I watched the movies. And, although the movies are old news, i think it will remain a timeless classic to me.

True, it is hard to please the entire public, and I do have my list of pet peeves about the treatment in this movie, but, overall, it is so darn good that it leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling every time i watch it, even little portions of it...

As long as D keeps his insightful thoughts at bay, that is.

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