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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Liquid Sculpture®

I accidentally stumbled upon Liquid Sculpture® and am blown away by the images...

The vibrant colors and motion captured & frozen in time make these images almost mesmeric...

The process I imagine is probably more complex than Mr.Waugh shares:
Liquid Sculpture images are fluids in motion, frozen in time by a flash of light. They are droplets witnessed in mid-splash.

I orchestrate these sculptures by accurately aiming the drops and releasing them with precise timing. As nature takes its course, I photograph the unfolding forms using a digital camera and electronic flash.

I instigate the myriad of shapes by varying the drops' trajectories and manipulating their physical properties. Color, viscosity, and surface tension are controlled with dye, glycerin, and soap.
The feelings these images evoke are summed up beautifully in his statement:
Fluids in motion fascinate my senses. I feel their smooth and effortless curves: structures reflecting a perfect balance of dynamic forces. They tickle some faint physical memory, like a scent evoking a forgotten mix of feelings.
What's more, I requested permission to post one of his images here and he was generous enough to write back promptly and graciously!

Cooking being one of my passions and all, I thought I must capture in my photographs the essence of the foods I cook... and while searching for inspiring images/tips/tricks, I came upon Liquid Sculpture®

I didn't know that food stylist was a legitimate job description until I started learning about food photography...

I am nowhere near where I want my food photos to be, but, that gives me something to look forward to and work towards in my "spare" time over the next few years :-)

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