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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

crochet sweater robe

crochet sweater robe

Over the years, I have started several crochet projects, and partway through sort of lost motivation and never finished them. Usually, it is a large afghan project that gets suspended...

I have about three different adult and baby afghan crochet projects in "almost complete" stage. If I get into the rhythm and if I get large enough pockets of time, I manage to register the pattern well enough to crochet without referring to the instructions. That is good.

But, then, when I leave it for a few weeks and try to get back, somehow I lose the grasp on it and find it hard to get going again. Maybe that's why I like smaller sweaters, hats, scarves, baby layettes and such. Well, even there, I have a nice chenille sweater I started over last Christmas for my baby, and it just needs edging and some buttons to be done...

Usually, if I start a project for a cause, or for friends and family, say for a special occasion, I work quite enthusiastically and finish it well in time to wrap it up and present it. It's the ones I start with no specific goal to reach that get deferred :)

Anyway, this sweater robe featured here was "almost complete" when I was expecting my baby. All but the sleeves, white trim and sash was done. But, only a few months ago I got around to finishing it. This was supposed to be nice sweater robe to wear when I was cuddling my newborn... She will be two soon, and am glad at least now I can safely pronounce it "done"!

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Blogger Princess Banter said...

Wow -- that's amazing! I think the biggest crochet project I've ever completed was a doily for the phone :P Nonetheless, I was dead proud haha! I hope you get more inspiration to finish yours :)

9:42 PM  

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