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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day 2007!

I don't worry about the state of the world every single minute, every single day, naturally. I barely have that luxury.

Like most readers and fellow-bloggers here, I rush off to full-time job, cook, clean, indulge in some arts/crafts to satisfy my creative spirit, get my baby to do some arts/crafts to nurture her spirit, try to take care of my family, write a bit, read a bit, try to have fun in life, try to give back what I can...

My job requires creativity, but in a logical way than free-spirited artistic way, with a lot of emphasis on results and end-product. Which is why I like to escape into my kitchen, or craft nook, to experiment without any pressure, to create without a specific requirement to fulfill, to indulge my curiosity without worrying about deadlines.

And, which is one of the reasons why I took up blogging: no customer to satisfy, no pressure to meet deadlines, free enough to record my thoughts, and at the click of a button, I can also simply delete all that I write:-)

For quite a few years I felt a bit lost in my own world, until circumstances so arranged themselves to make me start thinking about my impact - leaving my footprint in a negative way in this world. Even if I make no positive impact, the least I can do is to reduce my negative impact. And, considering that there is enough awareness now, even little individuals like myself can make little changes in every day life to reduce our negative footprint and hopefully even make a positive change in the long run. This is heartening.

Last year, in addition to our home garden, we managed to plant a tree in our front yard - sidewalk/curb. This year, D & I would like to continue our summer home garden, and hopefully preserve biodiversity starting right in our backyard. It was a bit encouraging to note that already we are off to a good start based on how we fared in The Green Guide's quiz: How Green Are You?

Happy Earth Day 2007!

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