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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sewing: Toddler Shorts & Tops

toddler sewing summer clothes shorts tops

Here's another one I made for the wee one. Too bad there aren't that many cute patterns for little boys - I was looking to make a few for my wee little nephew. No matter. I am glad I can keep making these little girls' clothes for Ana, for now.

The shorts is a tad big but I prefer making it a little bigger than her current size so she can grow into it :-)

For the tops, I skimped a little - I just had a 100% cotton fat quarter left from another quilting project and wanted to use it up. And, I had washed and ironed the fat quarter to pre-shrink, so, it just wasn't sufficient for the kind of smocking I wanted, so, I just lazily threw it together.

Same with the shorts, the fabric was leftover from a quilting fat quarter and was just enough to make the shorts. She seems to like them - airy, comfortable and lets her move around without much of a hindrance...

toddler easy sewing summer clothes shorts topsSometimes, she is a temperamental model and wouldn't let me try on the clothes I made for her. Not this time. She couldn't wait to put them on, and went about playing in the yard all evening, and when it was time to get into her jammies, she threw a fit as she didn't want to take her new clothes off!

That should, theoretically, make me feel good, but, I know that with just the same verve she will refuse to put them on another day... so, easy-come, easy-go :-)

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Blogger Kay said...

Both the outfits look great, Sheela.. I made a fushia pink dress too, one that can double up as a top.. Will post about it sometime.

3:00 PM  

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