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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Knickers and Tops

sewing crafts toddler summer dress knickersWarmer days are here again!

Which means, I get to make pretty outfits for my Baby!

Alright, pretty is a stretch...

Here's one of the first few I have made so far: Knickers and Tops.

Now, I am not much of a seamstress and am not much of a pattern-follower either. As my model is within arm's reach, I just eyeball the size and try to make it loose enough to fit her. So, if I had to sew the same outfit again, I am sure it will come out differently as I don't have a pattern to use for cutting :-(

However, if I am making an Inverness or a Dirndl, I will certainly fall back on the trusted patterns.

sewing crafts toddler summer dress knickers inverness
I prefer mix-and-match, so, this outfit can work together, or separately.

I like the fabric - the print is quite girly and cheery; plus it is a t-shirt knit, so, it is light and cool for summer.

Knickers are only cute on little kids, imo. The tops doubles as a summer dress as I made it a tad longer than needed for tops so on really hot days, Baby can skip the knickers altogether :-)

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