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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Craft: Hand-made Hanging Decor


Another of my mom's crafts...

She made the Bird Hanging Decor when she came over for Ana's birth. Yep! My mom made these lovely pair of hanging bird decor four years ago and they have been adorning our living room since and I hadn't thought of posting it until now...

Basically, cut a template for the bird in thin cardboard or cardstock paper and have it handy as we need to make many similar pieces; then cut various fabrics to the required shape, sew it leaving a 2"-3" gap for stuffing; stuff with the usual poly/fiberfill stuffing used for baby toys; sew up the gap; decorate with ribbons and beads and what-not. Finally string a few of the stuffed-and-dressed birds together using beads to separate them evenly. Attach a cute little cowbell at the bottom and it becomes a gorgeous decoration for the home.

Of course, once my mom came to know that we were setting up an Ocean-themed room for Ana three years back, she had to make a few to go with the scheme. That's how the four Sea Creatures Hanging Decor with starfish, fish, crab and other sea creatures came about. These rustic-looking one-of-a-kind Sea Creatures Hanging Decor has been adding sweetness to Ana's favorite room.


Now, if we can settle on what Og's room is going to be,I am sure my mom will be eager to start something like this for his room as well. Of course, we are leaning towards waiting long enough so Og can bunk with Ana and we can just leave the kids in the same room and let them work it out...

I haven't attempted making these, it just seems too much work and I am a lazy craftswoman, I don't have the patience my mom has to think up patterns and sew it all by hand :) Someday I'd like to make these with Ana - maybe she'll do most of the work and I can just sit back and watch in awe!

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Anonymous Trish said...

wowww very very mom used to make these too.I would love to try my hand at these:)
BTW,I came over from DMC!

1:26 AM  

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