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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One other reason I love Portland, OR

Besides the one other reason I love Portland: it's brilliant Microbreweries!

And, the fact that this isn't a crazy idea here: Bike to Beer Fest

D being a home-brewer, with me being a willing apprentice, beer is not just some cold pale fizzy watery beverage to be chugged down mindlessly in our household.

From delicious dark bocks to light & crisp summer lagers to bold stouts to cheerful fruit-wheat beers, D loves to have a batch of his recipes aging all through the year, if he can find the time.

Home-brewed Chocolate Stout and Raspberry Wheat so far have been my holiday favorites...

Having managed 4 weeks flying solo, I can't wait for D to come home... and can't wait to see if he will get some brew going soon, now that Fall is here and the holiday season is around the corner... I'm thinking Pumpkin Spice...

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