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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crochet: Baby Bolero (short-sleeved) and Afghan

Crochet Baby Bolero short-sleeved jacket and Afghan

For 16 years, going on 17, ever since we met in Ohio as green grad students with stars in our eyes, this young lady has amazed me with her thoughts and accomplishments... And, when she shared the news of her niece's birth, I was pretty excited, for two reasons: One, well, naturally a new baby makes my heart leap with joy; Two, she'll be in my neck of the woods more often to visit this niece, and so, hopefully I will get to see her more :)

Anyway, it took me a while as usual, with 30 minutes here, an hour there to crochet the baby afghan and the cropped, short-sleeved baby bolero jacket.

Afghan: is simple enough - a rectangle about 30"x36" or so, roughly, in textured stitch, with a nice shell edging.

Baby Bolero Jacket: this is a made-up pattern - starts off with my favorite yoke and flares at the bottom end, very short sleeves, with shell edging to match the afghan. Crochet buttons with eyelets make this fairly chic and baby-friendly.

As always, this is "one-of-a-kind" creation as I didn't write down the exact pattern for the bolero jacket, making it up as I went along... I am sure I can make another one, but, no guarantees that it will match this one exactly :)

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Blogger Nostalgia said...

Beautiful work. I am just about waiting to start on baby things and I stumble into your blog. Inspired.

5:38 AM  

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