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Friday, October 1, 2010

Crochet: Lacy Afghan

This lacy afghan, my very first large afghan project, was a Christmas present for D almost 8 years ago. He doesn't wear scarves or hats or sweaters for that matter and does not care for knit socks either. Just a nice warm coat in winters, that's it. Perhaps that's why he likes the Inverness I made for him, even if it is not terribly fancy or warm.

Anyway, nothing complicated about this pattern - being my first I went with the easy-to-follow instructions I found on the back of the yarn label. Promptly lost it so this remains one of a kind.

Now that winter is around the corner I was looking to get the quilts and warm blankets out and found this... and to my surprise, I had never gotten around to posting this. (Pictures shows the afghan spread out on a queen size bed - so, a fairly large afghan, and sadly, I have not patience or time for such large projects anymore).

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