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Monday, August 27, 2007

soap box derby 2007

This last Saturday morning was packed with fun. We went to the local Soap Box Derby.

What is it, you ask?
Once a year a brave group of racers convene on the daunting slopes of Mt.Tabor to test their metal and their mettle.

Ana had fun just looking at the home-made cars, and assembled audience (which included many kids), as well as looking at all the dogs walking by with their human friends, plus, all these funny looking cars either zooming or crawling by every now and then...

We went there a little early, checked out the creative/sleek/clunky cars first (they were giving out free vitamin water!), and then walked along the course to find a nice spot to sit down and enjoy the show.

It was a mini picnic as I had packed some light snack for Ana, and she simply loved the open air and the people.

I didn't stay to see who won - it was best (or average?) of three rounds and we stayed for one full round completed by each entrant. By then, Ana was getting restless and wanted to move around, but, it was preferable to stay off the course, so, we just decided to leave.

There were all kinds of interesting vehicles - a circus mobile, a sort of pope mobile, godzilla mobile, Noah's Ark and many more - some were racing down the track, others were barely moving despite desperate pedaling by the driver :-)

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