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Sunday, August 5, 2007

gaucho-like toddler pants

easy sewing toddler pants casual lounge pants elastic waist
While I don't really like gaucho pants for little kids, I do like the flaring leg that is not bell-bottom.

I made a couple of lounge pants (full-length) that she seems to like to wear around the house these days.

These are simple elastic waist pants, but, I try to keep the front flat and put the elastic only on the back, which gives a nicer look than all-round elastic waist.

easy sewing toddler pants casual lounge pants elastic waistThere is nothing much to these pants except I was in the mood to make them, and she needed some lounge/jammy pants anyway... and, she outgrew the last batch I had made - the old ones make nice capris still - her waist and butt still fit fine if she is not wearing diapers - but, I felt it may not be comfortable for her to move in, especially since she is not quite potty-trained and still wears diapers most of the day.

I usually buy plain tees on sale, and add my own appliqué or painting to customize it . This tee in the picture is an old one featuring a block printed elephant, made with my treasured wooden block.

The few wooden blocks (for block-printing) I bought in Jaipur right outside the City Palace when I was in India last year have become my favorite items in my craft box. It is amazing... and, I didn't even bother to bargain - it was a steal at Rs.25 for a block that size that has a gorgeous design on it.

I feel terrible that I bought only 4. I wasn't carrying a lot of cash then, plus, I had just splurged a bunch on some sarees and shalwars, and, the local artisan sitting in his little thatched store selling these blocks didn't seem like the sort to accept credit cards :-(

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