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Saturday, July 21, 2007

tie-dye toddler ribbed-knit tees

easy sewing tie dye ribbed knit t-shirt tee

I bought about 5 yards or so, a while back, of white ribbed knit fabric as it was on sale at

I had made some winter full-sleeved tees for my baby, dyed the whole tee sort of grey (was going for black, really, and lost patience), and tie-dyed just the sleeves for a trendy look.

I still had plenty of this white ribbed knit fabric left, so, I decided to make half-sleeved t-shirts and tie-dye the whole shirt, in indigo.

The problem really for me is that I like to start and finish these projects in the shortest possible time, and preferably during weekends when I am not weary from a stressful work day, trying to get dinner ready, play with Ana, read to her, put her in bed, maybe read my book and hit the sack so I can be ready for the next work day... As a result, lot of times, I get impatient and want to finish the project fast, so, I cut down the steps.

Somehow, even on weekends, I am not able to justify spending a lot of time on my "hobbies" when there are loads of laundry waiting for me, not to mention cooking three meals a day - which I get to do only on weekends, and I love to cook - so, not complaining there...

easy sewing tie dye ribbed knit t-shirt tee

Anyway, it was fun as I was trying to make one for Ana, one for my nephew, and one for my niece who are all about the same size - of course, I kept the tie-dye patterns slightly different, naturally:-)

easy sewing tie dye ribbed knit t-shirt teeThe t-shirt was easy to sew— just regular set-in sleeves, simple neck, nothing fancy.

I thought about tie-dyeing in some baby colors, say some shade of pastel blue for the boy and some shade of pink/lilac for the girls. But, decided to go with indigo instead — as not many baby shirts are made in that color, it would be unique ;-)

I still had a few patches left from the baby mat/toy tote project, so, I sewed one patch on each shirt where I could add the blue and pink touches, and added some stones on the third.

As I still have quite a bit of that white ribbed knit fabric, sometime down the road, when I am in the mood again, I wil try tie-dyeing in a couple of different colors.

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Blogger Rachel said...

tie dye is something that i do the crumpled effect the best..

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi i was just wondering if you could blog a how to- on theses tee's because i am obsessed with the effects and my fist attempt turned out really bad thanks

5:07 PM  
Blogger Sheela said...

Anonymous: I just use rubber bands to "tie" and make patterns. Perhaps the pictures here might help.

10:21 AM  

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