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Monday, July 2, 2007

The Seven Wonders

Ha! I wish!

Fellow foodie and pal Sig figures there might be a whopping seven random things about me worth recording, and memed (sure it's a word) me, no pressure. So, this is for you, Sig The Optimist:

1. While not really a neat freak or a compulsive organizer, I have always insisted on things being in their allotted spot around the house. For instance, the orange-handled kitchen scissors has to be stowed away in the kitchen drawer by the microwave; the green-handled utility scissors needs to be stowed (with the other utility tools like Phillips screwdriver, Utility Knives, Candles, Matchbox and such) in the drawer by the dining area; the blue-handled sewing scissors better not be touched by anyone but me...

And they better all get back in their respective abode right after use... God-forbid, if D accidentally switches them and I find the orange-handled kitchen scissors in the dining area drawer, there is some really juicy talking-to on the works.

2. One of my nagging pet peeves: when D (or a dear guest) doesn't squeeze the long squishy toothpaste tube just right so that it is flat at the bottom and bulged up at the top, and doesn't screw the cap back on right. I get livid about it. But only briefly.

D's solution is to buy flip-top now, and one of those new-fangled upright "bottles" of toothpaste. In which case, if the toothpaste is not all cleaned out so the flip-top fits snug and tight as it is designed to, well, I'll have plenty to say about that. And, D could care less, his rationalization being: if that's about the caliber of pesky things that gets you mad at me, I guess I must be doing all right otherwise.

3. This one, while quite a random fact, is not all that random because Sig got me thinking about this: the only baby shower I have attended so far in my life is my own, and it was a total surprise, sneakily organized by my sister-in-law. However, I have gladly and lovingly crocheted and quilted gifts for a few babies...

4. I had an extreme-bordering-on-psycho teenage crush on Wasim Akram, the cricketer. Enough said.

5. I am still crazy about old (50's, 60's) Hindi movie songs with Urdu lyrics. They are so incredibly poetic, lilting, melt-your-heart kind of music that definitely seem ageless to me. And it started way before item 4 above happened.

6. Among the collection of videotaped old Indian movie songs my parents have, the one I have watched the most, repeatedly, over and over, certifiably obsessively, and enjoyed a lot (and wouldn't mind seeing again now, if only I had access to it) is this song from the movie Munimji that goes, "Shivji bihane chale palki sajaike..." for a stage musical style presentation in the movie which depicts the story of Lord Shiva preparing for his wedding. Don't ask me why...

7. I don't really care for sweets/desserts, Quelle Horreur! Never really had a sweet tooth... I will try a few delicious looking/sounding items just to satisfy my Chef's curiosity, but, don't care for ice cream and chocolate and such...



Blogger Sangeeta said...

Aaah...Wasim Akram!! one of my earliest memories of a life sie poster in a bedroom!! but wasnt he preceeded by Imraan khan??

11:38 PM  
Blogger Sig said...

Lol Sheela, loved reading the meme. :) I am so like you on number 1, I too have my own quirky way of putting things in its place in the kitchen, and had a tough time when my MIL was visiting last year... Since my logic of organization didn't really make any sense other than in my own head, it was really hard to pick up a fight over it ;)

#2 is Siv's pet peeve... I am the guilty one there :) and I would love to hear some more details on #4 :D

Hope you had a nice break... I just got back from vacation and trying to catch up on blogs before checking the work email :D

11:43 AM  
Blogger Sheela said...

hey sang, I *knew* you'd remember that... and yes, Imran was the "older" one, not as intense though - I mean, he *was* OLD ;-)

Sig, it was fun... nice of you to have tagged me, i enjoyed writing just my first few thoughts and not looking back to edit it much :-)

2:34 AM  
Blogger Priyanka said...

Loved reading your meme Sheela, .... by the way i love crochet too but havent had the time to catch up on it lately.... i saw ur work.... its amazing....keep it going...

7:22 AM  
Blogger Nandita said...

Loved reading this dearie and hey now i gotta go and see what Sig herself had to say about this....I dont think i'd ever be able to guess 7 random things about me, need a whole lot of introspection for that

7:34 AM  

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