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Sunday, July 29, 2007

sewing: toddler tops

easy sewing toddler tops pattern burda 9744 baby clothes
Burda 9744 pattern that I used for tops a while back was pretty nice, so, I decided to adapt it a bit to make this cutesy tops for Ana.

I kept the same collar and puff sleeves from Burda 9744, but, instead of full front-open like in the pattern, I made it partially open (enough to fit over the head), and added a bit of shaping around the mid-riff with elastic, which gave it a rather pretty look, if I may say so myself :-)

title=I had wanted to make sort of fluffy, girly tops for Ana, with puff sleeves. Collar was optional in my mind. I had made other tops with this elasticized mid-riff, but, without sleeves or collar.

So, it was fun to adapt the Burda 9744 pattern to what I had in mind. It really helped to have the collar, neck, and sleeves ready to use from the pattern.

I am gradually working towards making some simple adaptation of peasant tops for Ana. I hope I can make it before this summer goes away... if there are any easy-to-follow instructions for peasant tops for toddlers, please point me to it, I'd much appreciate it.

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Blogger Kay said...

Wow! It is so cute! :) Sheela, where do you find the time to sew? I cant squeeze in any time to sew - and I stay at home! Does it better once the baby starts entertaining herself?

Are you looking for a peasant top like this?
If so, I do know how (theoretically) to modify a normal bodice sloper(a sleeveless top) to a pattern for a peasant top.. Let me know and I'll post instructions to make the pattern.

I am planning to make one for Meera , next month, so, I'll be happy to share it with you and test drive my instructions.

And if you are looking for a vintage style peasant top, I do have a a link for that.

12:50 PM  
Blogger Sheela said...

Kay, thank you for the links!! ya, i am looking for a sort of cross between the two links you posted - sort of like the etsy one - which i have tried - but, with a sort of smocking and frilly collar - am not sure i am explaining well - i will try to find a photo online...

please do share your instructions when you make one for Meera. i am always looking to try new things.

Oh, Ana is 2 and she can play by herself for 45mins or so at a time, so it has helped me get more projects done. I mostly squeeze my sewing during her nap time though - taht way, i don't have to worry about pins falling down and Ana walking on them or having her some and try to sit on my lap when the machine is on :-)

1:02 PM  
Blogger Kay said...

I cant wait when my li'l one starts sleeping longer or plays by herself.

Yes, do post an image or a sketch of how you want the peasant top to look like.. I might have something in my files.

Here are two links in the mean time.. The blogs are pretty interesting too.

easy machine smocked sundress She also has a tutorial for a swirly skirt..

a peasant skirt

Another one is just a summer tank top tutorial

3:52 PM  
Blogger Nandita said...

you are a whiz, i must do a second namaskaram to you now...I've always loved sewing and i used to sew simple frocks for my young cousins, totally lost touch, but u inspire me so much dear....finding time for everything ! Your appa post was very very touching...God bless you both

8:57 AM  
Blogger Sheela said...

Nandita, dear girl, welcome back! And, Thanks sweetie, you are making me blush...

9:11 AM  

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