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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crochet: Baby Girl Sweater

After four boys among nephews and first cousins once removed (?)... well, wait a minute... I've always considered my first cousins as my siblings so their children are - from an emotional attachment factor at least - much my nephews. Hmm... relationships are so much easier and clearly categorized in Tamil - I am an Aunty for sure but in Tamil I am Atthai (aunt via brothers) and now a very happy Periamma (aunt via sisters - particularly, am the older sister)!

Well, technicalities aside, we've had two beautiful new baby girls arrive in our family recently and I got to work making sweaters for them. For some reason, when I get wind of a new baby either on its way or well happily arrived, my hands start to itch and I find myself involuntarily reaching for the crochet hooks and yarns in the house.

This sweater here is a simple standard pattern I use for crocheted sweaters. I like Rainbow Bouclé™ yarn for baby sweaters as it is soft and plush, but featherlight.

Started at the bottom and went in double-crochet rounds till armpit where I split the work, finished front right, then back, then front left; joined at the shoulder seams; then picked up at the armpit and finished the sleeves.

I love the way it turned out. The hardest part is to wait for the picture of the baby girl wearing it, now that I've sent it to her! And, perhaps a close second is trying to get a good picture of the finished sweater by itself before sending it - the lighting is awful, and no sense of perspective so for all we know the sweater is huge enough to fit an adult... but, c'est la vie.

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