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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crochet: Baby Sweater

As I noted in my earlier post, we did have two new baby girls arrive in our midst just a few months apart. I didn't know if I was going to be Periamma (Aunty) to a little girl or a little boy as I was looking through my stash of Rainbow Blouclé to settle on something cute for this sweater.

This again is a simple pattern I've used for crocheted sweaters, with many thanks to Julie. Her Kimono sweater pattern is easy to follow.

But, I do meddle with it a bit each time I use this pattern - using finer yarn than thick soft chenille, adding a few rows here, changing the gauge, making the neck-hole a bit different, flaring out the sleeves as needed, finishing the edges differently and so on. Nothing major, as it is a very straightforward pattern, but enough to make each sweater unique.

I like Rainbow Bouclé™ yarn for baby sweaters as it is soft, light and yet plush enough. I ended up making the sweater very big. Typically, I like to make sweaters and things a bit bigger as babies can grow into it. No point in putting in all the effort to make a fitting tiny one that babies outgrow in a few months...

I like the way it turned out - simple and elegant, no fuss, unisex.

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