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Friday, August 31, 2007

crochet: hen candy dish

crochet hen candy dish

This is another one of those little projects I did when I was teaching myself crochet several years back. The pattern was given in one of the craft books I had borrowed from the library to teach myself some new stitches and shaping techniques.

crochet hen candy dishMade a couple of these hen candy dish and gave them away as gifts... really a fun project!

The recipients were probably thinking hmm... what did I do to get one? while politely smiling and saying
WOW! Thank You! How Nice!
all the while seeking the perfect spot for displaying it in the lowest shelf it the corner of the garage.

Anyway, I think it is cute - it taught me a few nice stitches - the little nest on which she is sitting was fun to make as the loops are part of the stitch that makes up the nest pattern.

Two litre soda bottle's top and bottom form the actual candy dish and this crochet hen is a sort of cover. Of course a small wicker basket can be used instead of the plastic bottle.

When Ana spied it, she wanted to fill them with her crayons and use it as her crayon holder, but, she also likes to pick at the nest and pull the loops. Since I like this piece, I decided not to let Ana have it just yet...

crochet hen candy dish

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