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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

White and Nerdy

Quite by accident the other day I was drawn to the laptop screen by this very catchy song that D was playing from YouTube.

It was just too darned irresistibly funny for me, so, I ended up making him play it about a dozen times back-to-back!

Of course, it *had* to be Weird Al:-)

It is apparently based off Chamillionaire's Ridin' (Dirty) - a song I had been blissfully unaware of until then.

Laugh if you will, but, I was filled with nostalgia staring at something that looked like Time-Independent Schrödinger equation as background for part of this song!!

-[(h2/2μ)∇2 - e2/r]ψ(r) = Eψ(r)

Except, h is Planck's constant, whereas Schrödinger equation uses the reduced form h/2π or ħ.

[OK, no light bulb jokes, and no physicist jokes either - except maybe one: You might be a Physics student if... you pause a Weird Al parody video to read the equation in the background to see if it might be right!]

But, the part that has made me watch this over and over is the part where Donny Osmond dances along - it is unbelievably ROFLOL for me...

Now, the disturbing part is that I do have Stephen Hawking's books in my library, and love MC Escher's impossible reality graphics (who doesn't, right?!), D and I own the Star Wars trilogy and Monty Python VHS tapes (I know, we should get the DVDs soon), and I spent a lot of my grad student days watching Happy Days (and Dick van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore) on Nick at Nite, and Star Trek... D has even written a transliterator of sorts for Klingon (and Qenya)... D and I play Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, even Boggle for fun...

Well, most of the above are inevitable part of my Master's in Physics and then a Master's in Computer Science, so, I guess I can't be all that nerdy ;-)

Yes... I need to get out more, but, with baby Ana keeping me busy and working full time, I take what decent laughter I can get :-)

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