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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crochet: Little Girls' Off-Center Sweater

crochet easy girls sweater classy off-center buttons design

This crochet sweater is another project I started last Winter for Ana, as a Christmas present. It was "mostly done" and remained unfinished till a few days ago :)

The pattern is inspired by Julie's baby sweater pattern which I have adapted for many different baby sweaters.

I just made a few changes, adjusted the gauge, sized it large enough to go over Ana's clothes, and used chunky chenille yarn as it works up faster and is very warm.

The little touches I liked adding were: made the sleeves flare a bit at the wrist as I think it is very cute and girlie; and made the neck a bit of a rounded-square (if it makes sense) to give it a classic look; added the edging in Ana's choice of purple bouclé yarn.

Ana chose the buttons for this sweater - it was jarring my senses a bit, but she wanted the large red round paisley pattern button with the gray cat one, and I couldn't refuse. After all, she's going to wear it.

I know it sounds evil, but, before I decided to add the touches I did to make this girlie and to Ana's liking, I was seriously considering making it a unisex sweater so it can be handed down to Og next Winter...

And, according to D, Og can still wear it. Just not in public :)

crochet easy girls sweater classy off-center buttons designThere's barely enough daylight these days and when I remember to get a picture of Ana in the sweater, she is not wearing it;

and when she is, she is not in the mood for pictures...

...but, I managed a quick indoor shot as soon as I brought her home from school a few days ago :)

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