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Monday, November 9, 2009

Crochet: Wearable Shawl

I made this for my mom half a dozen years ago. She leaves it here with me so she can use it when she visits. She has no need for winter wear in Madras :)

This is another of those made-up patterns that has to remain one-of-a-kind... haven't made any other like this. I liked the stitch patten in this and I think I used the same pattern for an afghan - probably the one I made for my mum-in-law, will have to call her to find out if she still has it...

Now, even simple acrylic yarn has gotten quite expensive over the years... a few of my friends are allergic to wool and so am I - it makes me itchy - sheep's wool I think - haven't tried alpaca's... anyway, so, to play it safe, I usually use acrylic yarns which is considered safe even for kids - the softest fingering and worsted weight yarns at least...

And, when there is a yarn sale, I stock up. Which could be a smart thing , but, not for me. Coz, I end up buying just a few skeins of them before even I know what project to use it for and then when I start a project in my favorite color, I end up short and have to start improvising...

Anyway, I found this in the suitcase when I was looking to pull out the winter wear and quilts for the family and thought I must post it here :)

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