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Monday, November 2, 2009

Northwest Film & Video Festival

NW Film and Video Festival November 2009
Found another vintage treasure in my Inbox along with the announcement for a Wish-I-Could-Participate kind of event:
the NW Film & Video Festival
Nov 6th through 14th.

I have always liked embroidered patches.

One of the souvenirs I look for during trips/vacations is rustic-looking embroidered patches that I can add to my existing clothes, well, to my kids' clothes nowadays...

And, when they outgrow the clothes, I simply remove the patch and sew it on the current clothes so they always have a 'souvenir outfit' that they can't outgrow :)

Anyway, I am digressing...

Even though it is dwarfed by its counterparts in NY and SFO, Portland Art Museum is a lovely place to be on a soggy Fall day. Or, any other day, for that matter :)

Maybe I'll take half a day off and spend a quiet afternoon there one of these days...

Ddim rŵan, of course.



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