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Friday, April 23, 2010

Crochet: Little Girl's Cropped Bolero Shrug

easy crochet Little Girl's Cropped Bolero Shrug

I had enough yarn leftover from the Baby Set I had crocheted for baby D sometime back. I was working on a black crochet shrug for Ana, but, didn't like the medium weight worsted yarn I was using for it - made it look too bulky... I might finish it before next Winter... however, this Bouclé leftover yarn seemed to beckon me :)

I wanted something cropped, yet long-sleeved, rather chic yet light jacket, as an extra layer for Ana now that we are getting closer to warmer weather.

As usual, no specific pattern - simply started off with my usual yoke, made it a bit larger than Ana's measurements for a fitted-yoke as I wanted to gather and tie at the neck for the ruffled look. Mostly double crochet. Finished the edging with ruffles and added a pink button of Ana's choice to fasten the neck/chest part.

This project was quite relaxing as I didn't have to set any deadline... a few rows at a time, and soon it was ready. Just in time for her birthday.

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Blogger Vibha said...

Very pretty Sheela. It does look chic and light and I love this colour.

10:37 AM  

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