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Monday, May 24, 2010

Crochet: Adjustable-waist Girls' Skirt

Even after the Infant Sweater and Little Girl's Short-sleeved Jacket, I had enough Bouclé yarn leftover to crochet a skirt for Ana.

Nothing fancy, just a simple short skirt with cotton fabric lining. It is a slightly asymmetrical skirt and I'd like to claim it is so by design :)

The one element I've had in my mind for a long time but didn't get around to adapting for the kids' clothes is the adjustable elastic waist as seen in many ready-made children's wear pants: a simple system of buttons and elastic with button holes cut in the elastic at regular intervals which can be pulled tight or loose allowing for full stretch and good fit.

Now that I've started adding this feature to Oggie's pants and Ana's skirts/pants/shorts, it takes the stress out of trying to get a good fit as they grow. Some of Ana's skirts from India are perfectly good but cinch the waist with too-tight elastic. Just replacing the waist band with adjustable waist elastic+buttons design has prolonged their lives.

Anyway, the crochet skirt is simple: a sort of trapezium-shaped piece when folded in the middle on the long-side. This gives it the slightly asymmetric slant.

Now, on and off, perfectly fantastic fabric remnants are on sale (50% off, which makes them quite inexpensive and worthwhile) and with a splurging budget of 10$ a month on fabrics, I manage to stock up. Since I also get 10$/month "allowance" for arts and crafts suplies, this seems reasonable.

So, as I was rummaging through my stack, I found this green and white batik-style fabric I had bought a while back, and decided to use it as the lining.

Leaning strongly towards mix-and-match school, I wondered if Ana will wear the matching short-sleeved jacket and skirt together, but when she did, I managed to click right away :)

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So cute! What color is that?

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