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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sewing: Kids Pants

The cotton and spandex knit fabric is one of my favorites to use for kids' clothing (pique, ribbed, jersey etc.) as it has a bit of stretch and is very forgiving when I ignore some of the basic tenets of sewing :))

I had enough fabric to make a size 3T elastic-waist pants for Og and a size 5T fitted-elastic-waist one for Ana and figured if not at this age, when else will they let me make matching clothes for them (and expect them to wear it and be happy about it)?!

Oh, and I don't use ready-made patterns much. I just make up the patterns - sort of draft it with newspaper, but, basically try something based on what I've tried before. I love patterns, don;t get me wrong... I just feel intimidated by them at times...

This sage fabric has been with me since Ana's toddlerhood when I bought it on sale and made a "designer" t-shirt for Ana. And then, when it grew small for her, I "stretched" it a little by sewing on a frilly extension.

The toucan on Oggie's and fairy on Ana's was the fun part for me. I probably should have found a good picture and traced the toucan better, but, free-hand didn't work out so bad - the bird simply looks fat and slightly disproportionate... I guess his colors give away his identity anyway :)

The fairy appliqué was easier as we had done numerous paper-chain fairies looking like this.

I cut out the colorful fabric shapes for hair and dress, glued it onto a white cotton backing fabric; then when dry, trimmed it all around, and reinforced the edges with satin-like zigzag stitch. I was wondering about the yellow hair on the fairy, but since we have many paper-chain ones with colorful hair, I decided not to over-think it.

The wings are made from the lilac organza fabric leftover from when I had sewn Ana's "Purple Princess" Dress.

Of course, there has to be a pocket in Ana's pants for all the little rocks and leaves and acorns and baby pine cones and what-not... and the fabric for pocket is leftover from the Summer Whimsy dress.

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