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Monday, January 2, 2012

Crafts: Paste Batik Cushion Covers

Much like the last couple of cushion covers, these use paste batik technique (as in the Letters Flag project) just as a mask to preserve the white of the muslin on the outlines.

One of my favorite subjects for art work is fish. I like the variety of colors and even variation in the general shape that makes it fluid and gorgeous. The fish and the turtle called to me, just insinuated themselves in my head and refused to be overlooked.

I had a whole series of fish paste batiks planned in early autumn, but, with all the other things I *have* to do, this seemed like a luxury and so was put in the back burner, as with many other projects teeming in my head.

Over Winter break, I got to finish these two at least, and sew them into standard 18x18 inch cushion covers. These are very simple shapes and colors, nothing intricate. Simplicity is the key.

White muslin, some flour and water, fabric paints. Plus a quarter yard of gorgeous professional batik fabric for the back of the cushion cover.

Other than waiting - for the paste to dry, then the paint to dry, then washing the fabric and allowing it to dry again after heat-setting - this project was a breeze. A very relaxing one. Easy to finish as the actual work is very little.

Koi. Angelfish. Clown fish. Needle fish. Gold fish. Fan-tailed guppy. Even cat fish perhaps? So many fish are swimming in my head waiting to be paste-batiked. Hope I get to them in 2012.

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Blogger notyet100 said...

Thy look so good,..

1:55 AM  
Blogger Kay said...

loving them this evening, sheela!! :)

4:32 PM  

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