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Monday, November 30, 2009

Crochet: Hats, Scarves, Neck-warmers

I was sorting through the closet to get the winter gear in order and found a bunch of hats and scarves I made last season, plus one of my old favorites that I didn't have the heart to part with.

D, in my tropical mind, is a Polar Bear. He has no need for coats and hats and layers to bundle up in. He also has a deep-seated dislike for scarves. Scarves for men, that is. The nice long argyle black-and-grey crochet scarf that was supposed to go with his dashing black sweater and hip blue jeans was rejected without mercy :(

So, I bundled it up along with a few other scarves and hats and coats to give away and dropped them off last week.

The cute little winter hats for Ana and Og are fun to whip up.

I sew a few fleece hats as it is faster than to crochet hats, but the crochet ones here are probably the quickest and the easiest to make...

Sizing is usually an issue when I make hats for others, but, not when I have the kids handy. I prefer starting at the bottom edge (forehead) and working up to the crown even though many nice hat patterns suggest to start at the top and shape it down to the brim.

A while back Nana had knitted a very cute hat and a pair of leg-warmers for Ana - now that she has outgrown it, it seems like a perfect hand-me-down for Og.

Ana at about 1½ to 2 yrs didn't mind wearing a hat. Og, at 1½ now will only wear a hood attached to his jacket - an unattached hat just gets torn off his head and tossed away before I can even finish putting it on.

I guess we are well-covered this season with hand-made hats, scarves and neck-warmers even after dropping off a few coats and accessories for those in need.

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Blogger ChoxBox said...

speechless as usual.

1:19 AM  
Blogger Sheela said...

ditto, Choxie- at your amazing knowledge of children's literature! Give it to us in small doses, write up pieces for the ST newsletters so we have some time to look for them and share them with our kids!

9:52 AM  

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