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Monday, June 14, 2010

Sewing: Toddler T-shirts

I had bought five yards of white cotton ribbed knit fabric on sale a long time ago and have been making t-shirts for the kids. The intention then was to sew stylish t-shirts for Ana, dyeing them suitably and maybe embellishing them...

I love the fabric as it is durable and soft, and some of Ana's non-girly ones are now hand-me-downs for Og. They still are in great shape despite many washes over the years, which amazes me.

Anyway, I had posted my early set of custom tie-dyed t-shirts, and this one here is done the same way. The cutting and sewing part is rather simple - regular set-in sleeves 3/4 length, simple squarish neck, nothing fancy.

Since I use a single solid color for dyeing usually, I find it easier to sew the t-shirt and then dye using the familiar tie-dye technique, tying off portions of the finished t-shirt with strings or rubberbands.

Sometimes, for two-color dyeing, I sew the shoulder seams, and dye the body and sleeves separately, and then finish sewing the sleeves and side seams. This can get tricky if the fabric shrinks unevenly. But so far, it has worked out fine with this ribbed knit fabric.

This one here is one such two-color dyed t-shirt. Oggie seems to like the shirt, although I suspect it is because of the color - he thinks all things blue are his and all things pink-and-purple are Ana's anyway...

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