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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crafts: Needle Felted Blue Bird and Wet Felted Basket

I had just a small bit of lovely blue and orange merrino wool roving that my mum-in-law had bought for me a couple of  years ago and decided to make something small and cute with them.

The blue bird is needle-felted (much like the fairy dolls) - uses very little wool, some repetitive Zen-like needle-poking (protect those fingers, ouch!). The quarter is for perspective - it is quite a tiny bird, just the right size for pencil topper or mobile.

For the wet felted basket, I used a small bowl I had for the mold: place the bowl upside down, add criss-crossing layers of wool roving all around, get some dish soap in hand, pour hot water and work it in to wet felt, much like the wet-felted purse.

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